Day 7

Today is the day to say goodbye :(
Our team leader Richard is the final show of chinese Yo-yo.
During  the show he failed and stand up again, and I really want to cry.
I really miss TeamA's kids so much and hope you can go to America :)
Day 6

Teacher Phil Phil, you are a very very funny teacher.
I like funny teacher like teacher Josh, I will miss you!!

Thank you for the big card, and tomorrow I will give you my hand-make card :)

Day 5

Everyday in small group time for me.
It's really a big challenge !! 

But I'm happy to accept the challenge:)

Field trip is the day I most expect.
I make a special ceramic container,but just have picture.
Today team A really have good behavior :)

Day 3

Today our team's situation is better than yesterday.
They are more diligent than before,and I'm really happy:)
We also dance "Waka waka" and have good time in the classroom.
I also do team flag before Fashion show time for tomorrow Field trip.

Our Fashion show and big rainbow cookies are awesome!!
Day 2

I know today ocurred many problems we didn't aware of.
That's not your mistake,
Beacuse I know the kids in team A are really show your team work,that's enough

Joseph is really a petite boy,but he run around so I need to punish him.
Richard is highest and most mature in the team,I really assure him.
Melody like salty food and she is hard she is concentrate in class .
Angelina is really a cute girl and can have crazy laugh:)

I really love my team.

Day 1

Today I led two teams,one is naughty and another children are like angel.
Although team three is naughty but I met two lovely kid named Jimmy and Jacko,there are really cute.
During all afternoon I was exhausted,but I still happy :)

But after I met team A kids,all tired are gone
We are team A,and we always awesome!!

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Time to say goodbye.



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